Personal property Within an impounded vehicle

If your vehicle has been impounded due to a wreck, arrangements can be made to retrieve your personal belongings from the vehicle during business hours.  Phoning first is always best.  Should you require coming for your belongings after hours, a gate fee of $35 will be charged.  Personal belongings include such things as children’s car seats, luggage, CD’s, glove box contents, etc.  Things that cannot be retrieved are car stereos, antennas, luggage racks or anything permanently affixed to the vehicle.


City, County and/or State municipalities contract with towing service providers to recover vehicles and clear roadways.  Haul It All contracts with Decatur City and Priceville City Rotations at this time.  These services are provided according to the pricing schedules set forth by those municipalities. 

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Other Services

Jump-start, Winch-out, Unlock, Tire Change, Fuel Delivery

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*All service fees are determined by location, type of service and accessibility.*

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Roadside Assistance

Services that assist motorists whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure that leaves the operator stranded.

"These people are awesome.  If you have car problems or have to move something, they make it happen." ~Ivan Clotfelter


Storage of Recovered vehicles is done on a daily basis.  The first 24 hours is included in the towing charge.  After that, a daily rate is assessed up to and including the date of pick up. 

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Private Contract

This is a contract between Haul It All and the motorist directly.  Unless prior arrangements have been made, payment is due at the time of service. 

Private property impound

As a property owner/manager, you have the right to remove the occasional, un-wanted, abandoned vehicle left on YOUR property.  This will be done at NO COST TO YOU.  If the property is a multi-tenant property such as an apartment complex or strip mall, the manager of said property must sign to have the vehicle removed.  If the property is owned by an individual or leased by one party, that individual must sign requesting the removal of the vehicle.

Once impounded, the vehicle owner will be notified in writing by certified mail that Haul It All is in possession of his/her vehicle and attempt to arrange repossession by the owner.